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Museums and Collections

Friedrich Schiller University Jena maintains five museums and memorials as well as numerous collections. All of these reflect more than 450 years of history in research and science.


The collections make a valuable contribution to teaching and serve the education of young scientists. Some of the collections have acquired a leading position on a national or international level and are subject to a great number of research projects.

Among the collections which are open to the public are the Phyletic Museum, an institution which is unique in the world for illustrating the history of evolution, the Ernst-Haeckel-Memorialmuseum, the Mineralogical Collection which traces its roots back to Goethe and the second oldest Botanical Garden of Middle Europe. The Schiller Gardenhouse and the Goethe Memorial at the Botanical Garden are reminders of the two towering geniuses of Jena. Both buildings are also open to the public.


Dr. Tilde Bayer

President's Office

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