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Doctoral Studies

General Information

In general, it is possible to pursue a doctorate in any of the subjects offered by the University of Jena when your first degree is a recognized degree at Master's level.

In Germany the doctorate consists of a written dissertation, a defense and/or an oral exam (Rigorosum). All of them should be passed in a language agreed upon by your supervisor(s) and the board of the faculty (e.g. faculty of biology and pharmacy, faculty of mathematics and computer science etc.). It is not obligatory to write the dissertation and to pass the exam in German. However, you need to ask permission for using another language at the faculty when applying for admission. In some cases, though, both your supervisor and the board of examination might insist on using German. Then you are asked to certify your command of the German language by passing a special language test (DSH, ZOP, TestDaF).

In a doctoral project you conduct individual and independent research in a topic/ subject you might have taken on in your previous studies. In your dissertation, however, you are asked to go well beyond your academic efforts of your first degree. That is why most of the doctorate exam regulations (see below) require that your first degree be of outstanding/ excellent quality.

Your academic work must be supervised by a member of this University (professor) who is chosen by you for his/her expertise in your research field. Therefore your first step should be to establish a contact with a potential supervisor (i.e. by going through the homepage of the departments of this University that might cover your research plans) in order to gain a written agreement from a professor who is willing to assist your research plans. You might also apply for one of the doctoral positions advertised.

What is more, there is no general structured course programme available leading to the doctorate but there are a number of interdisciplinary Graduate Colleges established in cooperation with the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft which offer prgrammes and, sometimes, scholarships, too. The University of Jena does not automatically grant scholarships to doctoral students. This is also due to the fact that a study programme (graduate as well as postgraduate) in Jena is free. However, make sure you can afford a 3 or 4-year research programme abroad, as you are not elegible to state subsidies.

Please note: International doctoral guest researchers should register as guest students. Find the information here>> please.

Application, Scholarships:


Regulations of Doctoral Studies:

You may find the Faculty's regulations of doctoral studies here>>. Please note that only the German versions are legally binding.

Jena Graduate Academy

You may find further information on the pages of the Jena Graduate Academy linksymbol.


Graduate Academy
Haus zur Rosen
Johannesstraße 13
D-07743 Jena

Tel: 49 (0) 3641 / 930405

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