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Jena - A "City of Light"

Optics and photonics are the leading technologies in Jena’s industrial sector. Large international groups like Zeiss and Jenoptik call the city home, as do young innovative companies also dedicated to working with “light”.

The first steps towards making Jena a "city of light" were made by the professor Ernst Abbe, the entrepreneur Carl Zeiß, and the physicist Otto Schott in the mid-19th century. With their successful cooperation -- an early example of a public-private partnership -- they set the successful development of Jena in motion, helping the city evolve from a compact agricultural centre into a hub for industry and high-tech.

But it isn't only Jena's companies than use light in its various forms - academic institutions here also focus on this field of study: The Friedrich Schiller University Jena (FSU) dedicates plenty of research to this topic, positioning it in the University's central research profile lines "Light -- Life -- Liberty". The University of Applied Sciences also addresses light in its various forms, from optical engineering through to photovoltaics. Jena also views itself as a "city of light" in a figurative sense, as a place where the great minds of the Reformation and Enlightenment lived, worked and developed new ideas.

Last but not least, the over 4,500 scientists who work in Jena today contribute to extending the limits of knowledge with their "light ideas" (Friedrich Schiller) on a daily basis. 

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