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Jena - A City of Culture

The “golden age” of the University in around 1800 brought the great and the good to Jena: Goethe, Schiller, Hegel, Fichte, the Schlegels, Novalis, and many more lived and worked in the city during that period. They left their mark all over town, such as in Schiller’s Garden House, the botanical garden, the Frommann House and the “Romantikerhaus”.

But culture in Jena not only encompasses a rich history but also an incredibly vibrant present. The Theaterhaus theatre company and Jenaer Philharmonie orchestra offer a wide repertoire spanning everything from the classical to the post-modern. Every summer, the six-week "Kulturarena" open air festival attracts thousands of visitors to its concerts, film screenings and theatre performances. In addition to the Jenaer Kunstverein, there are numerous other cultural initiatives peppered throughout the city, such as PENG - the festival for young artists, the short film festival cellu l'art, the intercultural Festival de Colores, the student theatre group ZINK, and the Lichtbildarena, which invites people to get involved or simply sit back and enjoy. Major events like the Long Night of the Sciences and the Long Night of Museums are excellent additions to the city's events calendar. Jena also has lively alternative cultural scene which promotes thinking outside the box. 

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