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Jena - A Family-friendly City

No city in Germany can claim to be as family-friendly as Jena – at least according to the magazine “Wirtschaftswoche” which ranked “the best cities for families” in 2014. The study analysed educational opportunities, child care services, family-friendly services and proximity to nature in 69 German cities. It found that Jena strikes the best balance between economic success and enhancing quality of life.

The "Jenaer Bündnis für Familie" ("Jena alliance for families") is all too aware of the close connections between these two aspects of society: Since 2006, this alliance has been committed to establishing child care services which keep pace with demand as well as family-friendly workplaces and a high quality of life in the city. Numerous employers of all sizes are members of the association, together with administrative bodies and academic institutions. Together, they set up nurseries, offer flexible working time models and offer voluntary support to Jena's newest residents.

The influx of well-qualified personnel, students and scientists as well as rising birth rates indicate that this hard work is paying off: Jena is constantly growing.

In 2014, the city on the Saale was named home to "Germany's best fathers" ("Die Welt", 10 November 2014). Today, 60% of all fathers in Jena take at least two months off from their job to spend time with their new-borns ("Zeit" 3/2017).

Another outstanding figure confirming the city's leading status nationwide - almost 97% of children between the ages of three and six can enjoy all-day child care in Jena. This ratio is also over 50% for younger children.

Jena's education and school offering is also remarkable. It caters for a wide range of different school models and encompasses eleven primary schools, three comprehensive schools, eight interdenominational schools as well as six grammar schools.

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