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Equal Opportunities Unit

Elisabeth Selbert, one of the four "mothers" of the German constitution, formulated it succinctly:

"It is a fundamental error to make an assumption of 'sameness' when addressing equal rights. In fact, equal rights are based on equivalence which recognizes difference."

Parliamentary Council, Main Committee, 42nd session, 18.01.1949, p. 540.

Offering equal opportunities is a stated key objective of Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. The University views itself as an organization which accommodates students and staff of both genders with a whole host of different life situations, abilities, experiences, interests and potential. As part of this, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena is committed to actively promoting and practicing equal recognition, integration and career development across the board.

A coherent overall strategy is in place which aims to permanently ensure gender equality, equal opportunities and the ability to balance studies, work and family. Various departments and units within the University have been given responsibility for the specific structures, concepts and measures developed with the aforementioned goals in mind.

Strategic management and quality management for promoting equal opportunities and family-friendliness

Personal consultation with and representation of the interests of all members of the University

Personal consultation and representation of interests in faculties, degree programmes and administration

Gender consulting for faculties
Mentoring programme for young academics

 Active recruiting

Balancing family, higher education and career


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