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Part-time study

The University of Jena principally offers full-time courses, unless noted otherwise. In particular cases, part-time study may be possible (according to art. 42 sec. 4 of the Universities Act of the Free State of Thuringia or art. 9 of the Registration Regulation of the University of Jena). If your chosen course does not have any restrictions on entry, people who work between 20 and 30 hours per week and students with family obligations may apply for a part-time undergraduate course. Whether you will be accepted to a part-time course depends on the agreement of the respective department.   

Applying for part-time courses

If you want to apply for a part-time course, please go to the Student Service Centre.


If you are not enrolled at the University of Jena yet, please use our application documents and fill them by handwriting. Please note that courses may have different deadlines - find out which one applies for you. You also have to hand in a statement in which you justify why you are applying for a part-time course. If you need help, please contact the Student Service Centre.


If you are already enrolled at the University of Jena and want to change from full-time to part-time attendance, please use our form for change from full-time to part-time study. Please note that before you apply, the respective examinations office or the department's advice service have to fill in the agreement form that can be found on the back of the application form. You also have to be able to present appropriate reasons why you want to study part-time. Please make sure to submit your complete application to the Central Advice Service by 15 September for the following winter semester and by 15 March for the following summer semester.

The decision whether you will be accepted for a part-time course is subject to the acceptance of the respective department or examinations office.

General information on part-time study

The length of a part-time study depends on the academic and examination regulations of the course chosen, but also on the time a part-time student has. Part-time students attend the same classes as full-time students, but they may decide to attend fewer per semester. This is why part-time study is predominantly suitable for applicants who live and/or work in or near Jena and have flexible jobs.

If you want to know whether your favoured subject has a part-time option, please check the information column on the right side of each subject's webpage. If you are not sure whether part-time study is possible for your chosen subject, please contact the Student Service Centre.

Contact Details

Student Service Centre

Telephone 03641 931111
03641 931112


Central Advice Service
Telephone 03641 931111
Facsimile 03641 931122


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