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Wortmarke FSU



Prof. Dr. Rosenthal


Vice-President for Research
Prof. Dr. Heinzel

Vice-President for Learning and Teaching
Prof. Dr. Winkler
Vice-President for Young Researchers and Diversity Management
Prof. Dr. Cantner

Kanzler (Head of Administration and Finance)
Dr. Bartholmé

= Executive Board

Faculty of Theology
Prof. Dr. Vogel

Faculty of Law
Prof. Dr. Pauly

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Prof. Dr. Übelmesser

Faculty of Arts
Prof. Dr. Matuschek

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Prof. Dr. Birkemeyer

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Prof. Dr. Green

Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
Prof. Dr. Paulus

Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Prof. Dr. Schubert

Faculty of Biological Sciences
Prof. Dr. Hellwig

Faculty of Medicine
Prof. Dr. Benndorf

Pfeil fuer EbeneDivision 1
Academic and Student Affairs
apl. Prof Dr. Schmitt-Rodermund

Pfeil fuer EbeneDivision 2
Finances and Purchasing
Ms. Lampert

Pfeil fuer EbeneDivision 4
Facility Management
Mr. Otto

Pfeil fuer EbeneDivision 5
Human Resources 
Dr. Bock

Pfeil fuer EbeneComputer Centre
Dr. Ziegler

Pfeil fuer EbeneResearch and Transfer Office
Dr. Rötzler

Pfeil fuer EbeneLegal Office
Dr. Danz

Pfeil fuer Ebene Resource Management and Reporting
Dr. Mehlhorn

Pfeil fuer Ebene Internal Audit
Mr. Popp

Pfeil fuer EbeneThuringian State and University Library (ThULB)
Dr. Wefers

Pfeil fuer EbeneInternational Office 
Dr. Hillinger

Pfeil fuer Ebene Communications Office
i. a. Dr. Lindner

Pfeil fuer EbeneMusic and Culture 
Mr. Krahnert

Pfeil fuer Ebene University Archives
apl. Prof. Dr. Bauer

Ebenenanzeige Language Centre
Dr. Boldt

Ebenenanzeige Collections
Dr. Bayer

University Supervisory Board

Extended Executive Board

Student Body


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