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Financing your studies

Scholarships, Jobs and Financial Matters


There are no tuition fees (unless you have studied for a very long time already). Still, you will need approx. 700€ per month to pay for your rent, food, health insurance, study materials and personal items. You may find a detailed list of costs in our Study Guide.

International students are also required by the Immigration Office to be able to prove that they have got sufficient means if asked for it. Thus, do figure out how to finance your studies before applying.


There are only few job opportunities in Jena. There are a few student assistent jobs at the university, but they are usually given to advanced students in higher programme semesters. Just ask at the institute/chair directly or see the university "Stellenmarkt" (see below).

You should have some basic knowledge of the German language. Please also note that Non-EU-citizens must not work more than 120 days per year without work permit; this does not apply for part-time jobs as student aides. You should insists on getting a proper employment contract and that your employer pays social security for you - working illegally may endanger your residence permit.


Applications for stipends must ususally be made 1 year in advance. Please note all criteria which must be fulfilled when applying. Not all stipends mentioned in the links are also available for international students.

ErasmusPlus stipends for guest students are always awarded by the sending home university.

Financial Support in Case of Emergency / End-of-Study Subsidy

International students without German Abitur who pursue a degree programme at FSU Jena may apply for a subsidy in case of financial emergency or for their last exam semester. Please note the criteria and deadlines in the information.

The Student Social Services (Studierendenwerk Thüringen) may also award short-term loans.


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