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Collaborative Research Centres (CRC)

SFB 1076 "AquaDiva : Understanding the Links Between Surface and Subsurface Biogeospere" (since 2013)

Spokesoerson: Prof. Dr. Kirsten Küsel (Institute for Ecology)



SFB/TR 124 "FungiNet: Pathogenic fungi and their human host: Networks of interaction" (since 2013)

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Axel Brakhage (Institute of Microbiology FSU Jena and
Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research und Infection Biology  Hans Knöll Institute)



SFB 1127 "ChemBioSys: Chemical Mediators in Complex Systems" (since 2014)

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Christian Hertweck (Chair of Natural Product Chemistry and
Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology Hans Knöll Institute)
Email: and


SFB/TR 166 "ReceptorLight: High-end light microscopy elucidates membrane receptor function" (since 2015)

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Klaus Benndorf (Institute of Physiology II)

SFB/TR 1161 "Polymer-based nanoparticle libraries for targeted anti-inflammatory" (since 2017)

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schubert (Laboratory of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry) 



Participation in Collaborative Research Centres (CRC)


SFB 950 "Manuscript Cultures in Asia, Africa and Europe" (Speaker University: Hamburg)

FSU Jena: Prof. Dr. Tilman Seidensticker (Institute of Oriental Studies, Indo-European Studies, and Prehistoric Archeology)



Completed Collaborative Research Centres (CRC)

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