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Wortmarke FSU

Research Profile


The Friedrich Schiller University sees itself as a European research university with a strong culture of inter- and transdisciplinary set in a dynamically developing, innovation-rich, and economically sucessful high-tech region. The University closely cooperation with other universities, non-university research institutes, regional industry, and also with top-ranking cultural institutions. These partnerships include a broad range of current research topics.

The profile lines are the seed crystals for the University´s interdisciplinary research profile. This structure reflects the close collaboratios within the University and with non-university research institutes. These collaborations, through the creation of centres, gain suitable perspectives for the present and the future development. The triad "Light, Life, Liberty" therefore reflects the continuing combination of tradtion and future development.



Optics and Photonics; Innovative Materials; Energy Storage



Microbiology and Infection Research; Biodiversity and Bio-Geo-Interactions; Ageing Research



Social Change; Enlightment and Romanticism; Eastern Europe and Contemporary History



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