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Ombudspersonen für internationale Studierende

Good study conditions for international students
In 2011, Friedrich Schiller University Jena has signed the National Code of Conduct on Foreign Students. It thus pledged itself to establish
good studying and living conditions for international students similar to those available to German students. The university provides
international students the service and assistance that they need as foreign guests. As part of the program to aid foreign students during
their time in Jena, the university has implemented the concept of the 'ombudsperson', who might be best described as 'the person
that listens to the people'. The purpose of the Ombudsperson for International Students is to ensure that their voice is heard, and that
problems can receive impartial attention; in cases where international students have experienced or are aware of complaints of maladministration,
rights violations, harassment, bullying, and discrimination, both friendly and professional help can be provided by the ombudspersons.

How can an ombudsperson help you?
• listens when you have problems, are discriminated against or suffer from harassment
• conducts with you a safe, comfortable and confidential one-on-one discussion outside formal channels
• analyses conflicts and problems objectively and impartially
• offers innovative and informal, cooperative rather than confrontational, solutions. Tries to find solutions together with the students
• provides valuable advice and guidance for successful problem-solving
• mediates impartially in case of conflicts with other university members or institutions
• receives complaints and enables the dialogue between students and the university

Professor Dr Erika Kothe
• ombudswoman for international students since 2016
• studied and did research in Marburg, Vermont and Groningen
• professor for Microbial Communication, at Friedrich Schiller University Jena since 1997
• Vice-Rector for young researchers and diversity management from 2011 to 2014 and Scientific Director of the Graduate Academy from 2011 to 2015
• Tel: 03641-949291;

Professor Dr Andreas Gebert
• ombudsperson for international students since 2017
• chair for Microscopial Anatomy (Medical Faculty) since 2010
• studied Medicine in Hanover; taught and did research in Munich, Hanover and Lübeck
• has the experience of many years regarding teaching, research, and the supervising of doctoral theses in Medicine and the Natural Sciences
• Tel: 03641-938550;

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