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Archiv 2012

Oldest Jewish Archaeological Evidence on the Iberian Peninsula
Sensational Discovery by Archaeologists of Jena University at a Portuguese Excavation Site

Pfeil Friday 25 May 2012

Special Issue „Anatomy in the Third Reich“
Anatomists and historians review a dark period of German history

Pfeil Friday 25 May 2012

How the Ecological Risks of Extended Bioenergy Production can be Reduced
Researchers present a modelling tool

Pfeil Monday 23 April 2012

Pod corn develops leaves in the inflorescences
A leaf gene active in the maize cob causes leaves to grow in the male and female inflorescences

Pfeil Friday 20 April 2012

How to make customers happy
Economists present a study about the evaluation of call centers

Pfeil Thursday 05 April 2012

Healthy ageing begins in womb
Neurologists investigate stress in pregnancy on brain ageing

Pfeil Thursday 08 March 2012

Poisonous Morning Hygiene
Chemists reveal how algae delete unwanted 'competitors'

Pfeil Monday 30 January 2012

Prejudices? Quite normal!
Psychologists analyse the development of prejudices within children

Pfeil Friday 27 January 2012

Nanocrystals Make Dentures Shine
Chemists develop novel glass ceramics for dentistry

Pfeil Thursday 05 January 2012

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