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Archiv 2011

Where Antarctic Predatory Seabirds Overwinter
Polar-Ornithologists explain flight routes of skuas

Pfeil Friday 02 December 2011

How to unbalance Nothingness
Physicists of the Universities Jena and Graz Calculate the Time Development of the Vacuum Decay

Pfeil Friday 28 October 2011

How Early Reptiles Moved
Zoologists and the Foundation Schloss Friedenstein Gotha Start a Joint Research Project

Pfeil Wednesday 27 July 2011

How Testosterone Protects against Inflammation
Pharmacists analyze why men suffer more rarely from inflammatory diseases than women

Pfeil Tuesday 26 July 2011

The Decoding of Slowness
Zoologists find out how Sloths perfectioned energy saving

Pfeil Tuesday 19 July 2011

Layout of Arabic Manuscripts
Arabists take part in a new collaborative research center

Pfeil Tuesday 07 June 2011

Dogs in Motion
Zoologists demonstrate precise insights into their course of movement of dogs for the first time

Pfeil Friday 27 May 2011

Movement without Muscles
Zoologists are on the Trail of the Evolution of Body Contractions

Pfeil Thursday 12 May 2011

Early History of Genetics Revised
Scientists from Jena and Prague come to astonishing conclusions in the Mendel-Research

Pfeil Tuesday 03 May 2011

How Children learn to say "no"
Psychologists demonstrate the impact of their IPSY programme to prevent addiction

Pfeil Tuesday 19 April 2011

In time with the molecules
Christian Spielmann receives Thuringian Research Award on 1 April 2011

Pfeil Sunday 20 March 2011

Fountain of Youth from the Tap
Scientists demonstrate that environmental lithium uptake promotes longevity

Pfeil Friday 18 February 2011

Inventions of the Evolution: What gives Frogs a Face
Zoologists clarify the role of the gene FOXN3 for the development of the clawed frog

Pfeil Thursday 13 January 2011

For Ever and Ever: When the Wedding Flight Never Ends
Entomologists are the first to reconstruct a fossil insect completely in 3D

Pfeil Friday 07 January 2011

How to look younger without plastic surgery
Psychologists show systematic change in the perception of faces

Pfeil Wednesday 05 January 2011

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