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Archiv 2009

Placing Active Agents in the Body with „Mini-Containers“
New Research Collaboration at Jena University funded with Euro 1.25 million

Pfeil Tuesday 08 December 2009

Jena's 100th partner university is in Taiwan
Rector of Jena University signs three cooperational agreements on Asia journey

Pfeil Wednesday 21 October 2009

UMBRELLA against heavy metals
Microbiologist coordinates new EU research collaboration

Pfeil Thursday 03 September 2009

Learning after the stroke
BMBF grants more than EUR 3 million for interdisciplinary research group coordinated by Prof. Dr. Siegrid Löwel

Pfeil Monday 17 August 2009

Light – elixir of life
New DFG research group investigates light-driven processes in algae

Pfeil Thursday 13 August 2009

Bizarre walking bat has ancient heritage
Jena zoologist is partner in an international research project

Pfeil Friday 07 August 2009

What makes nanowires so attractive
Physicists clearly identify semiconducting nanowires with intrinsic ferromagnetic characteristics / Publication in „Nature Nanotechnology“

Pfeil Monday 13 July 2009

Research Examines Adverse Effects of Antioxidants
Vitamin Supplements Block Beneficial Effect of Exercise on Diabetes Risk

Pfeil Monday 11 May 2009

The History of the University of Jena 1850-1995
Historians of the University of Jena Present New Book on the History of Their Alma Mater

Pfeil Monday 09 March 2009

Why a giraffe cannot walk like a dachshund
Scientists at Jena University explore human locomotion within EU project

Pfeil Friday 06 March 2009

On the Way to a highly efficient Solar Cell
The Federal Ministry for the Environment supports thin film solar cell research at Jena University

Pfeil Tuesday 24 February 2009

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