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Shower of trophies and world record lasers

Four doctoral students receive "Best Student Paper Awards" in San Francisco
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At the start of February four doctoral students of the University of Jena were honored with the "Best Student Paper Award" at the Optics and Photonics Fair "SPIE.Photonics West" for their research and as best contributions to the "Fiber Lasers XV: Technology and Systems" and "Frontiers in Ultrafast Optics" conferences.

With about 900 presentations, the "SPIE.LASE 2018" is the most important conference for laser technologies at the international optical and photonics fair "SPIE.Photonics West". Here, the Jena scientists Martin Gebhardt, Michael Müller, Christian Gaida and Thorsten Goebel have been honored for their contributions at the sub-conferences "Fiber Lasers XV: Technology and Systems" and "Frontiers in Ultrafast Optics". The research work of scientists was carried out in the groups of "Fiber and Waveguide Lasers" (Prof. Dr Jens Limpert) and "Ultra-short Optics" (Prof. Dr Stefan Nolte). They dealt among other things with ultrashort pulse lasers with new advanced coherent sources in the mid-infrared and put new fiber laser systems based on coherent beam combination before. Amongst others, they dealt with ultra-short pulse lasers, with novel coherent sources in the mid-infrared and presented new fiber laser systems based on coherent beam combination.

Group leader Jens Limpert was pleased to see that three of his doctoral students received awards and had prevailed against about 25 other applicants. Not only the results of the research, but also the quality of the presentations convinced the jury. "Place 1, 2 and 3 is a great result for our working group," says Prof. Limpert. "We are very excited about the awards, and at the same time we see it as an incentive to continue working at the same level." Therewith, Jena has repeatedly underlined its special status in the laser community. It is also noteworthy that two of the three winners were invited to give invited talks, which gives graduate students a special opportunity to present their research findings on a big stage and present with maximum visibility.

Scientific performance and presentation evaluated

Stefan Nolte also congratulated his doctoral candidate on the award: "Being awarded with the first prize is great! In addition to the appreciation of the scientific performance, it was also evaluated how these results were presented. To do this in a high-caliber, international environment is already a special achievement."

These are the winners and their research topics

Martin Gebhardt: "Nonlinear pulse compression stage delivering 43-W few-cycle pulses with GW peak-power at 2-μm wavelength"
The output of a high power ultra-short pulse fiber laser system based on thulium-doped fibers were compressed to pulse durations of a few optical cycles (13 fs) using a special gas-filled hollow core fiber. A record average power of 43 W and thus the world's most powerful laser source with such short pulses and 2 μm wavelength could be realized! Such sources now allow the generation of extremely broadband and high power radiation for spectroscopy applications in the mid-infrared spectral range.

Michael Müller: "1.8kW 16-channel ultrafast fiber laser system"
An ultrashort pulse fiber laser based on coherent superposition of 16 individual laser amplifiers was presented. Due to the coherent superposition, an output power of 1.9 kW was achieved - the current world record for ultra-short pulse lasers! The work demonstrates one order of magnitude increase in performance over technical and physical limitations of individual laser amplifiers. The proposed laser system can be used in the future by post-compression to produce extreme ultraviolet or soft X-ray radiation for imaging and spectroscopic applications.

Christian Gaida: "Toward kW-level average power from a thulium-doped fiber laser"
Although fiber lasers are known for their power scalability around 1 μm wavelength, comparable output powers at exotic wavelengths by 2 μm seemed previously unachievable. For the first time, new findings and developments led to the realization of an ultra-short pulsed thulium-doped fiber laser, which achieves an average power of nearly 1 kW with simultaneously excellent beam quality and 2 μm wavelength. This novel laser source provides further power scaling capabilities, forming the basics for the next generation of high-power fiber laser systems.

Thorsten Goebel: "Fs-written fiber Bragg gratings in multicore fibers for astrophotonic applications"
The observation of stars and galaxies with terrestrial telescopes is strongly affected by disruptive emissions of OH radicals in the Earth's atmosphere. The aim of the work was to filter out these fine emission lines from the spectrum. To do so, narrowband fiber Bragg gratings were written in special multi-core fibers. The work is part of a project funded by the BMBF, which is being carried out together with the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics in Potsdam.

The "SPIE. Photonics West"

The "SPIE. Photonics West" is a conference held annually in San Francisco in the field of optics and photonics. With more than 20,000 visitors, it is the world's largest conference with a focus on optics, photonics and image processing engineering. At the accompanying trade fair, the latest developments and techniques will be presented. To award outstanding and innovative research ideas, the Best Paper Awards for the best scientific contributions will be presented within the various specialist conferences BiOS (Biophotonics), LASE (Laser Technology) and OPTO (Optoelectronics).

These research works were carried out as part of the "Photonics Performance Center", a joint initiative of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF, the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, the Leibniz Institutes HKI and IPHT and the Helmholtz Institute Jena. Here, research is being carried out on new lighting solutions, for example for applications in information and communication technology, production, the automotive industry and the aerospace industry.


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