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Language Course Programme for Summer Term 2015

Language Centre presents its courses for the non-teaching period and the upcoming Summer Semester 2015
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Since Monday, the 23rd of February, students, employees and interested people could find the new language course programme in the electronic course catalogue: Friedolin, and have been able to enrol for courses. As in previous semesters a wide range of courses is provided including English, French, Dutch, Finnish or Arabic. This wide range is possible through our cooperation with the Student Council (StuRa) and with the Department for Staff Development of the University of Jena.

Hence, the language department contributes meaningfully to the internationalization of the university. On the one hand, students are supported by the courses of the Language Centre in their preparation for a stay abroad; on the other hand, it is important to assist incoming international students, guests and academics in the process of learning German. "In order to ease the way into the everyday life in Germany for our foreign participants, we offer a wide range of German language courses", Head of the Language Centre Dr. Joachim Boldt explains. "Furthermore, we have designed a new edition of our flyer and sent it to all coordinators and institutions of the university." Meanwhile, word about our range of courses has spread around among the international students and is highly appreciated. There is still the need to inform students who are newly enrolled - especially since the number of international students at the University of Jena is increasing each semester.

New German language courses with focus on culture

For this reason, the range of German courses is an important component in the internationalization strategy of the university. Therefore, the Language Centre provides courses that build up a general German language proficiency, courses that support students in coping with their German study programme and also courses that practise language use and terminology in a particular subject, such as law or medicine. In addition to these three strands, courses focusing on aspects of cultural experience will be offered in the summer term for the first time. "Language and culture cannot be divided", Stefanie Herzog, Head of the department of German as a foreign language, explains. "In order to understand the local people, it is necessary to know and understand the culture of our country." Hence, there will be a literature- and a theatre course as well as a course for creative and functional writing for learners at an intermediate level and above. 

Courses aligned to participant's needs

The courses of the Language Centre are based on student needs. In order to identify these needs, the Language Centre conducted an online-survey from November to December 2014. Dr. Boldt concludes happily: "We are very glad and grateful that more than 2.300 people, mainly students of the University of Jena, took part in the survey. Beside the fact that 90 % of the participants, who know our courses, are satisfied with us, we also received lots of constructive suggestions." The Language Centre embraces those suggestions, such as offering learners more intensive courses in the semester breaks for beginners as well as for higher level learners. Therefore, intensive courses for Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Dutch, French and English will be provided for higher levels for the first time as well. As a noticeable highlight, there will be one Spanish and one English language course taught by experienced staff of the Language Centre using the Suggestopædia method.

Still few places available in intensive courses during the semester break

On this occasion Dr. Boldt refers to the current online-registration as well as to the fact that the courses are open for everyone. Nevertheless, people should not hesitate with the registration, since all courses start soon or have already started. In particular, enrolment for the German language intensive courses in March is only possible until the placement test on 26th of February.

Please check here for an overview of current German language intensive courses as well as for details regarding registration:

Dr. Joachim Boldt
Language Centre, Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Ernst-Abbe-Platz 8, 07743 Jena
Phone: ++49 (0)3641 / 944751
Fax: ++49 (0)3641 / 944752



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