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New Languages offered

Language Centre starts in the new semester with more than 20 modern foreign languages
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The range of language courses offered by the Language Centre of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena for winter semester 2014/15 has been announced recently. Along with this announcement, it is now possible to enrol into these courses by the university's electronic course catalogue "Friedolin".

Wide range of courses possible as a result of co-operation

Moreover, the Language Centre has been able to consolidate its range of courses and even add new languages to its portfolio. "This was possible thanks to our long term partnership with the Student Council of our University and the Department for Staff Development.", explains head of the Language Centre, Dr. Joachim Boldt. "Especially as a result of our recently formed co-operation with the Institute of Slavic Studies, we can continue to offer courses in Polish, Bulgarian and Czech for the coming semester. Moreover, students of all faculties can learn other Slavic languages such as those of the Balkan States as well." Starting two semesters ago the co-operation between both institutes for offering joint language courses in Polish proved to be very successful and had positive effects for all involved: the two institutes and also the students. Therefore, this co-operation will be expanded next semester and will cover other languages as well.

This development is beneficial for all. "The Language Centre is one of the main actors in the process of internationalization of our university and the city of Jena.", Dr. Boldt states. "Both, city and university benefit a lot from the experiences and impressions that our students collect in internships and exchange studies abroad. Our language courses form the basis of any successful international exchange as they open the gates to the world." Besides the previously mentioned Slavic languages the Language Centre also offers courses for all world languages: English, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese. Also, many "smaller languages" such as Korean, Dutch or Turkish can be learned in addition to Latin, which is mandatory for many study programmes, and a self-learning tutorial in cooperation with the Multimedia Centre of the university.

Main focus on German as a Foreign Language

The most important part of the Language Centre's course offer is that of German as a Foreign Language. "As much as we encourage our German students to go abroad, we warmly welcome international students, academics and also guests to Jena and support them to get along in their daily lives. Despite all efforts to establish English as an alternative language in lecture halls and city offices, German inevitably plays the most important role in daily life and offers chances for professional development.", Dr. Boldt explains, referring to a recently published study by the International Office of the university. Experiences of the Language Centre from previous semesters confirm these findings: "Besides the steadily increasing demand for our courses valuable feedback from our recent course evaluations show that our German language courses are indeed perceived as a much appreciated part of the university's culture of welcoming international students, staff and guests."

This positive appraisal of the usefulness and quality of our courses is based on a clear structure and needs-oriented variety: There are consecutive courses for all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages as well as many skills-focused courses for specialist areas such as pronunciation and phonetics, conversation, applied grammar for practical use, or for studying in German language. All courses are open for students, staff and also guests without any relationship to the university. "Many of our language courses take place in the evening. This makes it possible to balance learning, studying or working and attending German language courses. Thanks to our placement testing and personal consultations at the orientation we find a solution to almost anybody's needs."

The registration for German language courses is already online. Please find it here:

Places for intensive courses still available

Furthermore, Dr. Boldt points out that there are still a few places available for the intensive language courses in September, especially for 'German for Beginners'. "We are very delighted that our courses are well received among our prospective participants", he sums up the current numbers of applicants. "While for some courses the maximum number of participants has already been reached, it is advisable for anybody who wants to join not to hesitate for too long and to go ahead with registering for the courses of one's choice."

An overview of intensive language courses as well as links for registration can be found at:

Dr. Joachim Boldt
Language Centre of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Ernst-Abbe-Platz 8, 07743 Jena
Tel.: 03641 / 944751


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