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Learning Languages in the Non-Teaching Period

University offers Intensive and Refresher Language Courses
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The Language Center recently announced its range of intensive courses for the current non-teaching period. These courses are offered in joint cooperation with the Staff Development Department of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. Students and doctoral candidates of the university, staff, their family members and guests are also warmly welcomed.

"Participants in our intensive courses enjoy the opportunity to significantly improve their abilities in a foreign language within a relative short period of time", Dr. Joachim Boldt, Head of the Language Center, describes what makes the intensive courses special. "Because our intensive courses are offered outside the normal teaching period when lectures and seminars have to be attended or presented, our participants can dive easily - and more intensively - into the process of language acquisition." However, most of the courses offer a certificate of achievement (Leistungsschein with grade and ECTS credit points) that can count towards one's studies in exactly the same way as the regular language courses within the teaching period.

German and English Courses offered

In particular, we highlight the Intensive Courses for German as a Foreign Language. These are offered at a wide range of levels - for beginners without any prior knowledge in German through to upper intermediate language users. "This semester we also offer, for the first time, an Intensive Course for the level C 1.1. This course leads our learners to the advanced levels of German", explains Andrea Arnold, Head of the Department German as a Foreign Language of the Language Center. "Our programme is specifically aimed at international students and doctoral candidates who want to make the most of the time before the next semester starts in April to extend their language skills." Besides their value in dealing with daily life in Germany, advanced German language skills are also an important factor in successfully finding a position on the German or international job market.

 "In fact, courses in both German and English, have proved crucial in supporting the university as it opens itself to an increasingly international audience", Dr. Boldt adds and points to the Refresher Courses in English. In these courses, staff members and students are able to brush up and improve their language skills without spending time abroad. Four of these courses are offered in this period, two of them for the level B 1/B 2 and two for B 2/C 1.

Courses in many other Languages as Gates to the World

Naturally, there are also courses for other languages, offering participants an introduction to a new language experience. "There are many students and doctoral candidates who want to go abroad for example within an Erasmus program or other scientific exchange, for example, to Italy, Spain, France or Israel. With a short intensive language course they can start preparing to achieve their goals", Dr. Boldt explains. This is also an important aspect of becoming more international. "The process of internationalisation in our university is not limited to being a good host to international students and guests - practising the process of becoming international also includes actively encouraging students and staff members to take part in a global world of science and enabling and supporting them in learning  to act and participate in this as well."

Therefore, anyone interested is welcome to join beginners' courses in French, Spanish, Italian and Modern Hebrew over the upcoming weeks.

Application already started

As all courses start only if there is a sufficient number of interested participants and places are limited, the university wholeheartedly welcomes registrations in good time. Detailed information about all intensive courses of the Language Center as well as the possibility to register online can be found at: Courses_WS_2013.

Dr. Joachim Boldt
Language Center of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Ernst-Abbe-Platz 8, 07743 Jena
Tel.: 03641 / 944751



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