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Ecumenical worship

Faculty of Theology starts a new offer
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A lot of English speaking people live in Jena. But there is no ecumenical church service until now. This wintersemester 2012/13 starts an ecumenical worship. It is organized by students and professors oft the Faculty of Theology. In general the Evening prayer liturgy oft the Common Book of Prayer is used, but the worship is meant ecumenical and it is open to other liturgies and participants from all Christian Churches.

The worship takes place in the St Michael´s Church in the City Centre of Jena from 6:00 to 6:30 p.m. Next worships will be on 29th November 2012, 10th January 2013 and 7th February 2013.

"Let´s praise the Lord and have a good time. So join us to worship. If interested we can stay together after the worship for a while", says organisator Johannes Eichhorn.

If further information is required, please mail to: .


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