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Faculty of Medicine


Prof. Dr. Klaus Benndorf

Vice Dean for Study:

Prof. Dr. Orlando  Guntinas-Lichius

Vice Dean for Research:

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hochhaus


Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Medizinische Fakultät
Bachstr. 18
07743 Jena


(03641) 933017


(03641) 933013




The Faculty of Medicine is one of the four founding faculties that established the university in 1558.  The first rector of the "Alma Mater Jenensis", Johannes Schröter, was also a physician.  In former centuries the faculty produced many important physicians and was a pioneer in natural science-oriented medicine.  A revolutionary discovery in the 20th century produced independent disciplines:  Hans Berger, who discovered human brain waves, worked at the university.

The Faculty of Medicine is the only university medical institution in Thuringia.  It offers a curriculum that corresponds with those at universities in the former West German states.  The manageable size of students guarantees an intensive education and excellent working conditions in internships and clinicals.

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