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Feedback Corner

Have you experienced something very good or bad at Jena university? Is there anything in your studies that you think we should know about?

We all make mistakes, but we also want to improve our services. Therefore we ask you to let us know about your difficulties. But of course we would also be happy to hear about your positive experience or if you have any ideas on how we could improve things.

We have prepared two forms for you:


If neither form suits your case, please simply write an email to Mrs Dr. Andrea Stiebritz (Head of Division 1 - Student Affairs):

Note on anonymity:

Please do not write to us anonymously, so we can answer you and ask further questions.  Like you we are interested in finding solutions for your problem, and for this we might require additional information not contained in the form. Of course we assure you that we will not pass on the names of those you are complaining about without your explicit consent. And your anonymity will surely be preserved, too.

Your email will be sent to: 
Dr. Andrea Stiebritz
Head of Division 1 - Student Affairs

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