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The ERASMUS+ programme / International Dimension grants scholarships to individuals from around the world to come and study or do research at almost all academic departments and disciplines offered at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. It offers opportunities for individual mobility of visiting students, doctoral candidates, and staff, and provides generous financial support. In addition to the monthly scholarship, travel expenses for the round trip are covered for all scholarship holders. For the duration of the study or research stay abroad, scholarship holders also do not need to pay any fees at their host university.

Target Group and Partner Universities:

Applications for a stay as a visiting student or visiting researcher can be submitted by students in a Bachelors or Masters programme and by doctoral candidates from partner universities in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Japan, Canada, USA, Israel, Australia and by academic and administrative staff from these universities to do teaching or training here in Jena.

Recognizing and Crediting Academic Work:

As in the Erasmus+ programme for Europe, students earn credit points (ECTS) that will be recognized and credited by the home university according to the Bologna Agreement (cf. Information / Documents / Grant Agreement, Learning Agreement, and Transcript of Records)

Duration of stay abroad:

PhD mobilities: 3 months up to 6 months

Bachelor and Master mobilities: 5 months (without possibility of extension)

All mobility opportunities for students of Bachelors and Masters programmes are linked to the duration of the SS 2017 and the WS 2017/18 at the FSU. 

Summer  semester 2017:
1 April 2017 - 31 August or 30 September 2017
Winter semester 2016/17:
1 October 2017 - 28 February 2018 or 31 March 2018

ERASMUS Scholarships

Bachelors & Masters (5 months): 800€/month

PhD (3 up to 6 months): 800€/month

Staff (Teaching and Training; 2 weeks up to 2 months): scholarship amount varies

Travel expenses for the round trip to Jena are covered!

Partner Universities

Study fields

Please contact directly the coordination office of your home university or contact us :

Application Details

The application of guest students is only required at the home university via application file. 

Please check carefully the internal application deadlines of your home university at the International Office.

In case of further questions, please contact in the first place your International Office of your home university.

In a second step, we are ready to respond to your questions via:

The following documents are required:

application deadlines:

target group: students (bachelor, master, PhD)

Please be aware of the application deadlines of your home university (webside of the International Office).

Documents to be included, Deadlines, and Formalities

Before arriving at the FSU Jena:

Learning Agreement (for students)

  • defines the recognition and crediting of academic work done abroad
  • has to be signed by the Student and the Person responsible for the recognition and crediting of academic work at the home university
  • Deadline: The first part of the Learning Agreement("Before Mobility") must be discussed with the home university and issued before your departure.
  • Upon arrival, please submit the complete and signed original of the Learning Agreement to the International Office.

Working/Research Plan (for doctoral candidates and staff)

  • defines the recognition of research or work done abroad
  • has to be signed by the home university as well as the Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Grant Agreement

  • is an agreement between the student and the FSU Jena regarding the funding through the Erasmus+ Programme.
  • Upon arrival, please submit the signed original of the Learning Agreement to the International Office.

During your stay in Jena:

Learning Agreement if changes in the study programme occur

  • settles the changes and defines the recognition and crediting of academic work done abroad
  • has to be signed by the student and the person responsible for the recognition and crediting of academic work, and the home University
  • Deadline: complete and signed copy of the second part of the Learning Agreement ("During Mobility") must be submitted to the International Office within 4 weeks after your official enrolment at the host University.

Certificate of Arrival

  • attests your arrival and enrolment at the host University
  • The original must be signed and submitted to the International Office.
  • Deadline: within 4 weeks of your official enrolment at the FSU Jena.

Transcript of Records - Proof of the Academic Work done abroad

  • Please have this document completed by the FSU Jena.
  • Please submit the Original to the International Office
  • Deadline:  Before your departure from FSU Jena

Final Report (for doctoral candidates and staff)

  • Doctoral candidates must submit the Final Report of their research project to the International Office before their departure.


After your stay abroad

Please complete the EU survey online.

Language courses

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