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English and American Studies

School of Philosophy (Humanities)


Participation in modules taught at the Department of English/American Studies is only possible for Erasmus+ students/exchange students of English/American Studies who have contacted the responsible teachers before the beginning of the lecture period and received a positive reply. Contacting teachers in class after the first session is not sufficient.

Course content

Please note that modules taught at this department are not targeted at students of subjects other than English/American studies who wish to improve their spoken and written English. This holds for modules in the areas of linguistics, literary studies and cultural studies, as well as modules in the language practice section. Language practice ('Sprachpraxis') modules are rather advanced and meant to improve students' English skills for academic purposes (writing essays on and talking about linguistic and literary topics.) Erasmus+ students who do not study English/American studies, but want to improve their English should attend the courses offered at the language centre ('Sprachenzentrum'). Students of related subjects (e.g. general linguistics or comparative literature) having proficient English skills and the necessary background in linguistics or literary studies are welcome to attend modules in these fields. The module 'Kulturwissenschaft' may also be interesting to students of non-philological subjects, provided they are fluent in spoken and written English. Please check with the responsible teacher if you are interested.


Exams have the form of either a written test ('Klausur') or a term paper ('Hausarbeit'). The form and dates of the exam are fixed for any given module and cannot normally be changed (see course catalogue). If you have no experience in writing term papers / essays in English -- see style sheets for term papers in linguistics and literary studies in the right column -- you are advised not to attend a module in which this will be the exam. Please contact Dr. Florian Haas or the responsible teachers if you have questions.


Students are expected to speak and write English fluently and they should be used to reading English texts. Oral participation in discussions in class, as well as giving a presentation, are integral parts of most modules. Check the course descriptions in Friedolin for details. Knowledge of German is not required.


See right column.

Erasmus Coordinator

Dr. Florian Haas
Department of  English and American Studies


Ernst-Abbe-Platz 8
room 626
07743 Jena


Tel: 03641-944544
Fax: 03641-944502


office hours: Wed 9 - 11 am


Credit Overview

B.A. Anglistik/Amerikanistik


M.A. Anglistik/Amerikanistik


Module Catalogues

B.A. Anglistik/Amerikanistik


M.A. Anglistik/Amerikanistik


Course catalogue



Style sheets

What Is a Term Paper?

Style Sheet Literary Studies

Practical Guidelines Linguistics


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