Friends and Patrons (Gesellschaft der Freunde und Förderer der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena e. V.)

"So, I have to tell you about Jena..." wrote Schiller on August 29th 1787 to his friend Gottfried Körner.  This quote was at the same time the theme of a festive evening, which ended Schillerday in 1992.  That was the first time this day has been organized by both the Friedrich Schiller University as well as its association of friends and patrons.

By now, it has become a nice and steady tradition of our university to celebrate Schillerday at the last weekend of June. This day provides opportunities to get acquainted with the multiple facets of academic activities, and to congratulate recipiants of science awards.  
In the evening, current students and alumni, scientists of the university, and representatives from economy and politics-all friends and patrons of this Alma Mater Jenensis- meet, enjoy wine and music, and talk about times past and future projects. 
Schillerday with its University-Garden-Party is but one example of our attempts to support the work of  the Friedrich Schiller University  with the public as well as inwardly.   Many of our members can thus connect own memories to their universities.  I myself have studied in Jena and think back to my study days a lot.  
Aside from moral support our university needs financial support, not only from federal sources.  Often we have to make decisions, flexible and fast.  One of our goals is to make those decisions financially possible.  I am very gratefull to the many people who already support us with this task.  Nevertheless, we need new supporters in order to be able to help effectivly.  I invite you to get to know our association of friends and patrons of the Friedrich-Schiller-University through our brochure.  And should the reading contribute to winning a new member, I would be very happy to personally welcome you at the next Schillerday and University-Garden-Party.


Dr. Horst Skoludek
Honorary Chairman

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