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Advice Services


Central Advice Service

The Central Advice Service provides information and advice for prospective and current students of all subjects. The staff help you make decisions and take actions in your studies and they also support you with all other kinds of problems that may occur during your time at university. Advice service is free, optional and even anonymous, if needed.
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The University of Jena also provides a Careers Service that is situated in the same place as the Central Advice Service. The team offer career guidance and also organize workshops in future career choices and entry to the profession.
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Employment prospects play a central role when you choose a course at university. But what if you don't have a dream job or don't know about the career opportunities of your chosen subject? We have collected portraits of alumni to help you with your decision.
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Advice service in departments, institutes and chairs

Each department offers specialist advice provided by university staff.

Advice is given on:

·         Course contents, possibilities of specialization, study techniques, choosing and registrating for course modules

·         Transfer of credit you have achieved in your studies so far

·         Exam preparation

Addresses and opening hours of the departments' advice services can be found in our A-Z list of courses.

Help from the student council

The student council represents students' interests at the university and the Studentenwerk vis-à-vis the corporation and the state. It assures the rights of students to participate and make decisions vis-à-vis the university's boards and fora, but also vis-à-vis public authorities.
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Conflicts are normal and happen almost everywhere and every day. Conflicts are healthy, but if they stay unresolved, they become dangerous. Conflicts may occur due to misunderstandings, different perceptions or opposed interests. However, they are not necessarily harmful, but can be a fruitful path to changes. Mediation is a non-violent and constructive way of dispute resolution with the help of an independent third party. Each party is an expert in their very field. The parties are encouraged to responsibly and independently deal with problems in a constructive way.

Help from tutors

The Central Advice Service initiated a tutor project to help students who have just started university. You will find the tutors' contact details of the respective subjects in our A-Z list of courses

Help from the departments' student bodies

Each department at the University of Jena has their own student body which are usually higher semester students that you can ask for advice. Their contact details can be found on the departments' websites. Read more

Advice service for prospective and current students with disabilities and chronic illnesses

The advice centre for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses can be found in the same place as the Student Service Centre, where you can arrange an appointment with Mr Götz.

For contact details and opening hours please visit the website of the Studentenwerk Thüringen and go to "General Social Counseling", phone number: 03641 930681

Advice service for postgraduates

The Graduate Academy is there to help PhD students, scholarship holders, students of graduate schools and also gives advice on the promotion of women.
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Social services (Studentenwerk Thüringen)

One of the main tasks of the Studentenwerk Thüringen is the social support of students and the promotion of cultural activities. Read more on their website in the categories "Social matters" and "Culture". Read more

Centre for Psychotherapy

The Clinic for Teaching and Research at the Department of Psychology offers psychological assessment, advice on whether a psychotherapy seems necessary or not and psychotherapeutic treatment that conforms with current scientific knowledge. Read more

Advice, courses and advanced training in academic and creative writing

We do not believe that writing is something that just comes easy to some people and to others it does not. We think it is something you can train and with practice, you will get better. If you think you belong to those people who find it hard to write, come to SchreibenLernen - a place for people who want to develop their writing skills in exchange with others and under the supervision of trained writers. Read more


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