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Steeped in Tradition and with Sights Set on the Future

Maintaining traditions and shaping the future—these are the fundamental aims underlying all research and teaching at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (FSU). The FSU is one of the venerable and most historic universities in Germany. Its foundation in 1558 meant political change and an open commitment to freedom of belief and consciousness. Since its opening, the University has put Jena on the map internationally as a centre of academia. Today, it is the largest higher education institution and the only comprehensive University in the German state of Thuringia, and it attracts students of all subjects, as well as scientists from all over the globe.

The FSU Jena still maintains the sense of innovation which characterized its early period, and today it views itself as a forward-looking hub for new research fields and emerging generations of scientists. As a result, the University traditionally thinks and operates on an interdisciplinary and international basis. Over 18,000 students currently study at the University in Jena, and a large proportion of these students have an international background. Moreover, Jena's character has been fundamentally shaped by the embedding of the University within the city's historically rich and diverse cultural landscape, as well as the emergence of the region as a hotbed for innovative and economically successful high-tech companies. As an active initiator in the fields of science, culture, and business, the University is committed to promoting the development of the city and region as a whole. 

Research with Strong Partners

Light-Life-Liberty: Friedrich Schiller University Jena pools its top research and culture of interdisciplinary study within these three profile lines. The strong third-party funding availability at the FSU Jena is based on an outstanding foundation of individual research and coordinated research projects and networks, supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG), the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the European Union (EU) and many others. Moreover, the University operates as a partner to non-university research centres, research-driven companies and well-known cultural institutions on both a regional and national basis. In cooperation with the universities in Leipzig and Halle-Wittenberg, the FSU is committed to promoting the long-term development of Central Germany as a centre for innovative academia. In addition, Friedrich Schiller University Jena actively supports close and long-term networking with top international universities and outstanding scientists.




Research-oriented Teaching and Practice-driven Study Programmes

With its ten faculties and Thuringia's only university hospital, Friedrich Schiller University covers a broad range of subjects within the academic spectrum. The University currently offers over 200 degree programmes which reflect the areas of focus in the University's research. The course offering encompasses multiple in-demand disciplines, international degree programmes as well as smaller niche subjects which can only be studied at a handful of locations in Germany. The degree programmes deliver on high quality standards ("Akkreditierungssiegel" accreditation, course evaluations, "LehreLernen" programme), underline the links between fundamental academia and practice-driven application (Jena Model of Teacher Education, inclination-orientated medical studies) and ultimately conclude with internationally-recognised qualifications. In close cooperation with Jena's companies and non-university research organisations, the FSU offers a comprehensive research-oriented range of teaching and career-relevant projects within degree programmes with its research museums and University collections.

Strengthening the Next Generation of Academics

Promoting the development of young academics on an international level is one particular focus of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. The highest quality standards in the qualification of young academics are implemented in Jena parallel to career development. The Graduate Academy (GA) with its "House for Young Researchers" is the central point where structural support programmes are pooled. Together with the faculties, the Graduate Academy develops strategies for offering the best possible backing for doctoral candidates and postdocs. The offering centres on comprehensive support, qualification, and advisory services. As the central hub, the GA supports new initiatives dedicated to the interdisciplinary teaching of young academics and to implementing mandatory University-wide quality standards. The GA's services are aimed at all doctoral candidates at the FSU. As a result, the FSUity is also well positioned internationally to attract the best young academics going forward.

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A University for Society

Friedrich Schiller University Jena is a place of liberal and critical reflection as well as openness to new ideas and diversity. As the centre of academic life in Thuringia, the FSU also promotes cultural discussion and the transfer of knowledge and experience within business and society. With its museums and numerous collections, the University maintains museum institutions which reflect more than 450 years of research and academic history. Children, school pupils, students, OAPs and other groups can experience these institutions via a wide range of learning and cultural teaching formats. By organizing discussion events and series of lectures on current research topics and the latest issues, the FSU takes on an intermediary role between the worlds of academia, culture and society at large. Moreover, the FSU maintains effective research and development cooperations which serve to boost and sustainably cement the region's innovation. Notably in its Light and Life profile lines, the University has succeeded in entering into cooperations with globally-operating high-tech companies in areas of business with a promising future. Both young and established scientists can enjoy optimal conditions at the FSU (K1) for directly implementing research results and making them economically useful. Numerous academic spin-offs as well as the award of the title "Entrepreneurial university" underline and emphasise the success of the University in networking with business and society.

University of Open Communications

Pluralism, gender equality, international discussion, and responsibility for the community form the foundations for moulding an open and family-friendly University and surroundings in Jena. International students confirm that Jena offers the best conditions for studying and student life (Excellent International Student Satisfaction Award, International Office). Moreover, with its Dual Career Service, award-winning family concept and child care, the Friedrich Schiller University Jena attaches great importance to ensuring that study and family as well as career and family can be combined effectively.

The City and its University

In Jena, the city of light, everything is close-by. You can live in green surroundings and yet reach the heart of the city in minutes-or vice versa. That is the advantage of Jena's location. The boundaries here are somewhat fluid-both in an urban and intellectual sense. The distances in Jena are also short when it comes to maintaining contact between scientists, as well as liaising with city authorities and local businesses. As a result, initiating creative plans in research and teaching is always quick and straightforward here.

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