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Wortmarke FSU

Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences


Prof. Dr. Ulrich S. Schubert

Vice Dean:

Prof. Dr. Falko Langenhorst

Study Dean:

Prof. Dr. Volker Woest


Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Chemisch-Geowissenschaftliche Fakultät
Humboldtstr. 11
07743 Jena


(03641) 9-48000


(03641) 9-48002



Chemistry in Jena has a long tradition.  One of its founders was Johann Wolfgang Doebereiner (1780-1849), who was a scientific advisor to Goethe. His name is connected with progress in the fields of catalysts, the Triadenlehre, and quantitative analysis.  Today, the fields of chemistry, geology, mineralogy geophysics, and geography are united under the auspices of the Faculty for Chemical and Earth Sciences.  The faculty offers students an education to become a chemist (Diplom) and a chemistry teacher in Gymnasien or Regelschulen as well as a geologist (Diplom), geophysicist (Diplom), mineralogist (Diplom) or Bachelor and Master in biogeosciences.


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